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Specialist Sunroof Repairs

The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist are knowledgeable in all aspects of sunroof repairs and are accomplished at resolving any corresponding issues. Our experienced team also completes car repairs, car diagnostics, car servicing and vehicle remapping to ensure your car is in great working condition and runs safely. We cover all types of customers in Sheffield and across the East and West Midlands.

Types of Sunroofs

There are two ways in which sunroofs are typically installed, externally and internally. Internal panels are fitted in between the metal skin of roofs and the headliner that retracts into a concealed section. External sunroofs are situated at the top of the car’s roof and pull back on the tracks built on the roof. Pop-up or fixed sunroofs are specifically designed to let in more sunlight with an upwards-tilted glass panel that provides ventilation. Spoiler sunroofs combine pop-up and sliding actions.

Common Issues

The most common sunroof issues include sticking, twisting and popping. Sticking and popping typically occur as a result of lubrication problems. We resolve these issues by carefully greasing the tracks. The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist uses a range of lubricants depending on the model of the car and the extent of the problem. Sunroofs can be stuck because the cables are broken or worn. Our time-served team uses the highest quality materials and methods to complete sunroof repairs. We also undertake car repairs, car servicing, vehicle remapping and car diagnostics to establish and resolve any problems customers in Sheffield and the other areas we cover may be dealing with.

Inoperable Sunroofs

Common electrical problems include:

Issues like these can cause your sunroof to become inoperable. Our team will check the fuses and all corresponding components to accurately establish the cause of the issue. Even if sunroofs are only semi-operable, it is best to come to our experts because we will complete thorough tests and fix the problem quickly so your car is functioning optimally.

Sunroof Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are key to ensuring the longevity of sunroofs lifespans and preserving their appearance. Issues with sunroofs are often caused by habitual negligence, so by keeping up with regular maintenance, you can avoid unwanted and annoying issues. You can also keep your sunroof looking good as new by carefully cleaning it with safe substances. 

At The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist, our team are happy to answer any questions about issues relating to sunroofs you may be dealing with. We can also advise on the car diagnostics, car repairs, car servicing and vehicle remapping we undertake in Sheffield and all of the surrounding areas across the East and West Midlands.

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