Vehicle Remapping in Nottingham, Sheffield and the Surrounding Areas
Unlock Your Car’s Potential

If you own a modern car, it comes equipped with an engine control unit (ECU). In short, the ECU is a small onboard computer that controls how your vehicle’s engine works. However, car manufacturers use ECU software to impose certain limits. These accommodate for the differing restrictions, laws, fuel qualities and climates found around the world. The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist performs vehicle remapping, modifying or removing this default software. Following this service, you can enjoy an optimal driving experience.

Based in Bilsthorpe, a short drive from Newark, motorists in Birmingham, Doncaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Sheffield and all surrounding areas trust our remapping service.

To take the first step toward unlocking your car’s full potential, please contact us. The team at The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist is happy to answer any questions and schedule your visit.

A Closer Look at Vehicle Remapping

What is Remapping?

The process of remapping involves overwriting the manufacturer’s factory settings stored on the microchip of your car’s ECU. Whether you’re in Nottingham, Sheffield or any other location, we highly recommend visiting an experienced remapping expert with a proven track record. This avoids the risk of engine damage. Our team is more than happy to provide the reassurance you need before you commit to this service.

You can rest assured we use the latest innovative vehicle remapping equipment. This includes tools from market leaders such as Autotune and Kess.

The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist also works in partnership with Regal Tuning, our remapping file supplier. Regal Tuning specialises in the performance tuning of engine management systems. Their software comes tailored to your needs, ensuring custom results that optimise your car’s overall performance.

During the service itself, we plug the tuned software into your vehicle’s OBD port for maximum effectiveness. Remapping takes around 30 minutes, ensuring you get back on the roads of Leicester, Newark and the surrounding areas with minimal delay.

Why Carry Out Vehicle Remapping?

When you invest in a remapping service from The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist, you benefit from:

  • Better Drivability and Performance

  • A Mechanically Safe Upgrade

  • Increased Torque and Power

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • An All-round Smoother Delivery

  • Improved Fuel Economy

  • Long-term Savings on Fuel Costs

  • Removal of Flat Spots

  • Better Towing Ability

  • A Fully Customisable Service

For your peace of mind, vehicle remapping is 100% reversible. Like any reputable company, The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist backs up your car’s original software and data. If for some reason you change your mind after the service, we can restore yours to its original settings.

Engine Tuning

If you own a car manufactured pre-2000, we may not be able to perform modern remapping techniques. However, our team can still perform chip tuning. This is the original service that predates modern remapping techniques.

Engine tuning achieves the same goals as vehicle remapping on cars made post-2000. However, when motorists in Nottingham, Sheffield and the neighbouring areas visit us with these older vehicles, we have to physically open the ECU and remove the chip. We then manually reconfigure and tune it before putting it back in the ECU. This usually requires a soldering method.

Because the process involves more primitive technology, engine tuning is a less refined approach. But you can be sure that we use our decade of expertise to ensure optimised car performance without any compromise.

Call 07854 999 128 or 07809 673 257 to talk over options for your vehicle remapping. From Nottingham to Sheffield, we are the trusted choice for motorists in the East and West Midlands.