Sunroof Repair
in Sheffield, Nottingham and the Surrounding Areas | Solutions from a Genuine Specialist

Has your sunroof started to leak? Or is it becoming increasingly difficult to operate? At The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist, we provide a comprehensive service dedicated to this car design feature. You can rely on us to rebuild all kinds of damaged sunroof motors. We also sell and fit refurbished sunroof parts and cassettes. No matter your needs, our time-served team uses years of experience to return your sunroof to optimal performance.

Based in Bilsthorpe, near Newark, local and regional motorists trust our team for sunroof repairs. Our key service areas include Birmingham, Doncaster, Leicester, Sheffield and Nottingham, to name a few.

Because we are one of the few genuine sunroof specialists operating in the UK, we also work with many customers across the country.

The Vehicle & Sunroof Repair Specialist also provides a trusted vehicle remapping service for motorists across the region.

Sunroof Repairs | Meeting All Your Needs

Our team has worked extensively on all car repairs for over a decade. During this time, we have repaired and installed manual and electric sunroofs on a wide range of vehicle makes and models. When it comes to sunroofs, there’s little that we haven’t experienced.

With this expertise, we undertake a complete range of repairs for motorists in Nottingham, Sheffield and locations across the East and West Midlands, including:

  • Leaking Sunroofs

    Perhaps the most common issue of all. We often trace leaks back to wear and tear to rubber seals or clogs in the sunroof drain. If left unresolved, a leaking sunroof can cause significant internal damage to your car.
  • Glass Scratches and Cracks

    Glass sunroofs are durable and resilient, but they aren’t unbreakable. Broken glass has no tint, so your car gets hotter and colder in summer and winter. Severe damage also impairs aerodynamics, increasing fuel use.
  • Electrical Issues

    Inoperable sunroofs are inherently frustrating. Common causes include faulty switches, broken fuses and dead motors. Whether yours is stuck open or closed, visit us for fast, affordable sunroof repairs.
  • Mechanical Issues

    Even if your sunroof motor is fully functional, you can still experience operational issues. Typically, mechanical problems tend to come in the form of gunk and dirt stuck in the gears.

For your convenience, we carry out sunroof repairs on a mobile basis where possible. We recognise that it’s not always safe or convenient for you to drive with a damaged sunroof. As such, we’re more than happy to visit a local location of your choosing to perform the necessary repairs.

As an independent, family-run company, we pride ourselves on offering a premium service at competitive prices for our customers in Nottingham, Sheffield and the other areas we cover. When compared with main dealerships, we offer at least a 50% saving.

Call 07854 999 128 or 07809 673 257 to discuss your sunroof repair needs in more detail. Find out what makes us the trusted specialist in Nottingham, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.